Lynde's House - Left The Party.

“Hi.. everybody.” Lynde’s mom says, eyeing her daughter for not telling her there would be company.

“Hi, Mrs. Tylent.” they chant in unison, as if practiced.

“Uhm, yeah.. Mom, can they sleep over?” Lynde asks as innocently as possible.

“Well, I don’t know.. is it okay with everybody’s parents?”

“Wel-” they begin to stammer.

“It’s fine, we called in the car on the way over. So is it okay?”

“I guess.”

“Thanks, Mom!”

“Is Kayla alright, sh-”

“It’s a game Mom, she’s fine.” she hurrily replies as they drag me up the steps.

“Teenagers.” Mrs. Tylent mumbles to herself as we disappear into Lynde’s room.

“What are we going to do?” I hear asked, answered idiotically, and then asked again.

“I guess we can just leave her in Lynds’ bed and we can gossip in Pat’s room, since he’s not here.” Lilly offers.

As planned, they throw me onto the bed, cover me up, and say, “Goodnight, babe. I-L-Y!” one by one as they leave me to rest as they gossip, which I assume’s about me.

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