A Fictional Autobiography [2]

As she drove she sung along to the music and tried to make sense of the confusing thoughts that kept entering her head. Her mind was going in circles as she tried to figure out where her life was taking her. As far as she knew today she had taken one step to getting off the bottom. She had dropped her best friend who was dragging her down to the very bottom. Her best friend whom she had been friends with since elementary school

But as she had discovered when she hit rock bottom somethings bring you down and those things are the closest to you. Those are the things that are the hardest to detach yourself from. Those are the things that made it hurt so bad when she hit the ground

Driving down the road she had no where to go. She let the road lead her, following different routes until she came to a dead end. Turning around she tried to get her bearings, the street unfamiliar. She looked for recognizable street names, hoping to find one that she recognized. It was then that she ended up at a very familiar house

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