She awoke on Marl’s futon couch, no surprise. Popcorn was scattered all around like candy after a pin~ata is broken. Cyn was in one of his baggy shirts. This one had a picture of a smiley face on it in neon green. Hmph.
She sat up and stumbled into the kichen.The oven clock read nine o’ clock in the morning. Marl wouldn’t be up until after noon.
After pulling on her favorite pair of jeans and scribbling him an un neccesary note, she drove the bug to Blockbuster, leaving the rest of the stuff at his house. She grabbed two movies- one horror and one badly rated comedy.
When Cyn came back, she was surprised to see him up. Or rather, he was siting in front of the glowing TV, but looked half-asleep.
She grinned, “Bonjour!”
“Top ’ the mornin’,” he murmed before lightly kissing her forehead. “Put ‘em in,” he told her, nodding at the DVDs in her left hand.
Cyn was a mess right now, inside and out, but that didn’t mean Marl still wasn’t her friend. She made a mental note to never forget anything with him.

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