Confusing love 2

My head rushed thoughts and memories. I felt my heart ach and my stomach coil. I fought back my pain and anger. I felt him hold me tight against his icy, cool body. I yearned to pull away and yell and scream like a child, but I couldn’t find the strength to. “Bella, I love you”, he said breaking the silence. I stiffen at the words and my heart turned to ice once more. I spun around on my heel, to face him. I could feel my blood seething in my veins. I narrowed my eyes and clinced my fists. “You love me ?!”, I spat . He stood there bewildered as if he done nothing to me.”Nate, you left me without so much as a goodbye.” I said getting agitated. He pulled me to him and held my face up to his. “Bella, my sweet, I have missed you so” he murmured. My body and heart rushed with emotions, my mind couldn’t comprehend. The world felt like it was spinning. “What’s wrong with me”I thought. I pressed my head against his chest and he kissed it. I stood there wondering endlessly.

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