Re-taping all my photos to my closet doors, I think of how mad Brie would be if she was here. I shudder, pushing the thought away, and close my closet.
Brie’s a little late so I decide to walk down the street to meet her. As I stroll down the gum-covered pavement I see Brie’s brother, Tommy, walking down the street, staying out of the light and clinging to the brick wall of my apartment building. He used to be friends with my brother Steve, before he ran away. He said it had something to do with a gang.
“Hey, Tommy,” I greet him casually.
He doesn’t respond, but I figure he hasn’t heard me over the various cars blasting loud rap and hip hop.
“Hi!” I practically shout.
He turns and runs back toward his house. I wonder what’s going on but I continue at a relaxed pace.
When I reach Brie’s building, her apartment door is open so I walk in. Suddenly Tommy, wearing a bloodstained shirt, covers my mouth and throws me in a closet with a battered and bloody Brie.
She whispers, “I found his weapons. He’s in the gang!”

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