Her Higher Purpose At Poplar Hill

I watch Mr Hend as they cart his experiment off; down the empty corridor. I watch him break down in deep sobs and curse his scientific work.
Not overcome with sorrow myself, I call my boss at Poplar Hill. “Sir, they are sending her back.”
A gasp and a wheeze returns through the line. “Good,” he rasps. “We need her. I need her.”
“Yes KOR , I understand. She will be there as soon as possible. Sir? What should I tell the creator, Mr Hend?”
A scratchy breath. “He doesn’t need to know about her higher purpose. Don’t reveal to him our connection.” A click.
Staring at Mr Hend as dark tears drip down his cheek, I recall when I had become emotionally attached to an experiment. She was my wife, until KOR required her. Her red, her body, her blood. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
I shiver, hating the past. I had learnt the hard way. Now I knew it was better to stay detached and scientific.
“Mr Hend,” I say in my kindest voice. “Poplar Hill is a well-equipped hospital facility.”
The lies come easily.
He nods.

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