Watching from the Window

All she could think was,what horrible people.The came in a big Rolls-Royce that was an ugly display of wealth.The husband was a overweight man in his late forties who wore a pinstripe suit and loafers.He also wore a greedy grin,thinking of how his poor employees could be even poorer.The woman was a tall woman of the same age as the man,her face the work of some great surgeon. She wore disgusting,over-priced perfume and clothes to match.The spirit looked down at her while she put some of her outrageously blond hair over one shoulder,and adjusted her gaudy jewelry.A third person came out of the car hesitantly and frowned.The spirit caught her breath.A little girl.The spirit smiled to herself,finally someone pleasant to look at,to listen to.After they looked at the house,and they left,she flew to her room, faster than she’d ever been able. In her bliss, she made the wind blow even more, and the brown leaves in the yard whipped themselves up into a tornado, and the surrounding townsfolk knew that she was happy.

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