Still Isn't Enough

She hopped down off the fence and without another word, began to walk the short distance to her house. As she walked away she had her back to him and she didn’t dare turn back.

“Wait!” He called, making her stop in her tracks.

She paused for only a moment before deciding whatever he had to say wasn’t worth the pain it would cause her to stand there and listen. She started to walk again.

She heard his foosteps echoing hers as he ran to catch up with her. He caught hold of one of her hands and caused her to stop and turn toward him finally. She took a deep breath to sooth her nerves and opened her eyes to meet his.

“If there was anything I could say, anything I could do…Don’t doubt that I would do it.” He murmured.

“It wouldn’t make a difference.”

“I’m not very eloquent, I don’t have a way with words…but that does not change how sincere my apology is.”

She lowered her gaze, “It still isn’t enough.”

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