{Lyric Challenge}Can't be Saved

“I won’t be saved!”he screams at the top of his lungs.He glances over his shoulder and sees news helicopters buzzing loudly to where he stands.He looks down,momentarily stunned at how far up he actually is.He closes his eyes as tears begin to fall,as he begins to remember her.She smiles at him from behind his eyelids,so close yet so far away.She motions him to follow,and runs away through the darkness.He opens his eyes and is momentarily blinded as the firefighters shine spotlights at him.He looks back over his shoulder agan and sees them scurrying like rats up a nearby building.He turns his gaze forward oncemore as his tears fall like earthbound angels.The firechief talks to him through a megaphone,cautioning him thats hes sick.”NO!IM Fine!I cant be saved!I want to do this!”he screams down at them,almost pleading.He closes his eyes on the edge of the roof for the last time.Agan,she beckons.This time he smiles and follows her.
And then hes flying away with her,straight towards the waiting cement.

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