Battle Plans

General Cray surveyed the attack plans, a feeling of intense satisfaction spreading through him as he did so. The attack had been planned to the smallest detail. Soon, he mused, the world would be changed forever. No more would his people be taken from their homes like animals and senselessly slaughtered by the thousand; it would be a new and glorious period in history.

His thoughts were interrupted as Captain Newberg, his second-in-command, arrived at his side. “General,” he said.

“At ease, captain,” replied Cray. “What news?”

“The enemy suspect nothing, sir,” said Newberg. “Although, sir, I must report that some of the soldiers have reservations about the operation.”

“Nonsense, it’s a perfectly workable plan. The soldiers charge, the cowardly enemy break ranks and flee, and our airborne units mop them up,” said Cray, proudly. “Simple, yet devastating.”

“Ah. About that, sir. I fear we may have to settle for something simpler.”

“Whatever do you mean, captain?”

“Well, we are a bunch of lobsters, sir.”

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