His Eternity 2

Zachary raised his hands the flames grew as he laughed.
“I want life”; this time I will have power, riches and I want to feel love he shouted.

Love Zachary you know love.
“You’ve been chosen”.

Did I have a choice; it’s not what I want Mariah.
“Power and freedom” Mariah he said with lust in his voice.

Zachary you’ve seen past human faults, you know mortals selfishly hold material possessions above true values.
You know our values of life are “love, faith, knowledge, and forgiveness”.
Zachary I forgive your faults set me free you know it to be right, holding her bound wrist toward him.
This demon has lied to you he will not honor the agreement.
Look at me Zachary, after my death that is what this is really about; “he will… take your life” !
You will never have the power and love you seek on mortal ground she said calmly.
Zachary… she sank to the ground; “you are my love, I love you” she whispered.

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