another piece of the Zombie Epic

So we were sitting there on the roof, looking out at the city. The clouds were reflecting the light from all the fires, painting the night orange and yellow.
I thought, if this were a movie, she and I would probably kiss or something right now, but we were both covered in dirt and blood and the idea wasn’t very appealing. Honestly, I felt too numb to really consider that sort of thing.
Then I thought, I started those fires. Sure, that gas station killed at least two dozen of them when it went up, but what if I killed real people, too? It’s not like the fire department is around to take care of things, so about a quarter of the city is just cinders and corpses.
It really made me wonder, what are we fighting for? If we’re willing to dehumanize ourselves so much just in order to survive, are we really worth saving?
I looked over at her, hoping maybe for some sort of human contact, but she was just loading her gun, so I got up and went back inside.
I didn’t turn back when I heard the gunshot.

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