The Lights Go Off - It's Show Time

Just then, the lights when out, a scream was heard.

“Hea- Theresa!” Shade yelled.

“D-dylan! Hel-” was all she was able to respond

“What’s going on?!” he yelled at the check-in lady.

“Sir, it’s just a power-fuse, please calm down.”

But then, crowds of screaming and running people came rushing down the staircase, pushing, shoving, and fumbling their way out. I saw a few people actually fall to the ground from failure to maintain the up-right position through all the commotion. To add to the hecticness, the lights refused to turn back on, so we had people wandering hopelessly.

“I assure you a-” the lady begins to say, but nobody’s listening. She reaches under the desk and pulls out a blowhorn, blasting it repeatedly until everything comes to a halt.

“Now I assure you, everything’s fine. It’s just a power surge, nothing’s wrong..” she drones on.

But in the background, you could see the glimmer, and hear the ‘sss’ of a blade being pulled out of it’s pocket.

It’s show time.

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