Just an Idea that Spurred into a 12 Year Old

“The thing that scared me most about that thing was that it blitzkrieged our ambush site.” Velk took a moment to pause, recalling the events he experienced on the desolate moon of Raeuqoitz. “Delkin and Chersi were dead before we knew what had happened. Nothing that large should be able to move that fast!”
Velk was shouting, cursing the men to let him go, he screamed in short bursts and then would laugh histarically. several times the guards surrounding him had to put their guns to his head to make him stop, but that only fueled him.
“It’s coming back!” his eyes were red with frenzy, a deep blue vein popping out og his neck.
“It’s going to kill every single one of you, and when you sick men are dead, I’ll look from the hieghts of heaven, watching your senior commanders looking through the security cams, and I’ll see the thing rip your heads off, I’ll see it rip you apart limb by limb! But you’ll only heed my warnings until its to late. The Age of Cyclones is coming my friend!”
*__End Trans

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