tears shed

Tears shed
Tears gained
A heart broken
Will mend one day
Along the way you will find
Secrets imposed over time
In the rain you can be hurt
Never live never die
So pick your poison
How to live your life
Suck it in so u can find
A piece of mind
Deep down inside
Living life is fun some ways
But can turn bad like
Spoiled milk in a hot summer day
Life Is like your favorite book
Happy sad in between
Hearing the clock tick three
Cry from joy or glee
Late nights in the moon
Happiness is coming soon
Laughter inside you hear
Come and join my dear
What we know
Now we fear
The clocks tick twelve
Time to leave
Depart from here

Alone in this world
Black and white
No where to go
No where to hide
Pictures fly into my mind
Darkness comes
Through a door I walk away
Into light ….
To live another day
Lessons learned
Lessons lived
From hear on out
No poison wins

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