Not what it seems

So I’m at this club… what I’m doing there, I have no idea, but nonetheless, here I am. So I’m drinking my usual Bud Light from a bottle when I spot someone staring back at me. My gaze meets his, I offer up a slight smile and tip my beer bottle towards him in acknowledgment. He smiles back. He’s got a nice smile. Briefly I wonder what is going through his mind as he is smiling at me. Does he want to talk to me? Does he want me to join him? Does he think this encounter will lead to sex? Then I stave off over-analyzing and continue to drink my beer… figuring he’ll come my way if he really wants to talk to me.

I’ve been nursing this beer for a little while, as it’s my 3rd and I need to drive home at some point but he walks over with a fresh one and asks for a seat with me. Thanking him for the beer, I motion him to sit.

The music is really loud as he introduces himself to me, “I’m Dan,” but I can’t really hear him. He looks at me and points to the door…

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