Ted's Precious Memories

Ted was the kind of guy who collected special items. To most people they would seem very ordinary, or maybe even worthless, but for him the items he collected would always hold a precious memory or something of that nature.

A trophy, a book, a piece of blue string, a wad of pocket lint, a clock with character on it that had a big mouth.

He had recently been given his new favorite item by a girl that he had a crush on and so, for many reasons, he had decided to make sure he preserved it.

He took out a big frame with a large back to hold the item in and removed the clasps that were holding the back board to the frame. Then, he placed his item carefully into the space that was behind the glass, wiggled it about to get it exactly how he wanted it and clamped the board back on.

After hanging it on the wall he sat down in his chair and stared at it. But, alas, his stomach started to rumble and it became unbearable to look at. Off the wall it came. Tasty..

That was the last time he’d ever frame a pudding cup…

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