He Turns Into Dust Around Her

He drank her in. Breathless and on again. His skin burned where her fingers had absentmindedly scrawled her name. He reciprocated, taking his time with each letter. Beside me today.
“Tyler,” she breathed. A smile. He felt light-headed.
Under your fate.
He laced his fingers with hers and kissed the tip of her nose. Still falling.
Normally, he would be ravishly stripping off her clothing and kissing her frantic, but with Rusty it was different. He didn’t care about all that. He didn’t care if he never got to see what was under the faded Levi’s t-shirt she was wearing. Granted, he wouldn’t pass the opportunity up but he wasn’t going to rush things. Turning into dust.
She shifted and lay her head against his chest. She whispered his name again, as if getting used to the sound. He relished the feeling of her breath through his t-shirt. And two strangers turning into dust. Tentatively, he wound one of her curls onto his finger. “I want to know everything about you.”
Her sudden crying startled him.

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