Simon's Timeline (part 1) - A Guide for Those Reading a Simon Series

This is a mostly spoiler-free timeline of Simon, a character created by Crown Me Tarzan, King of Mars and elaborated on by many.

Birth – circa 8 yrs old
Nothing on record at this time.

8-12 years old
– Discovers Gram’s 3rd eye.
– Father dies of suspiciously paranormal circumstances.
– Goes to a very different sort of library.

Unknown-circa 13 years old
– Spends some time in an asylum, for undisclosed reasons.
– This is allegedly his first encounter with Carl, aka Klarion.
No one’s written about this, but it is alluded to.

Circa 14 years old
– Mother moves him to Nain Rouge, Michigan.
– He meets Mrs. B (undocumented, but alluded to).
– He meets Sarah.

Circa 14 years old
– Simon & Sarah try to avenge Mrs. B’s death.
This serial includes the original Simon story, “Requiem for a Cat-Ladyâ€? by Tarzan himself.

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