I was stuck in a closet, how cliche. How many times had that happened? My hands were tied, also a very stupid cliche. And the same knot every time. I pulled out a blade with my mouth, it making a very loud “sss” as I grabbed it. Crap. I cut the ropes and stood, making my way to the fuse box and replacing the fuse someone had pulled out. I hardly had an idea, but I got one as the power came on, and… then I lost it, drowned out by another thought.

“Shade!” I gasped, running back to the lobby. I saw the red and black figure looking around like a lost puppy.

“DYLAN!” I yelled. He looked up and ran to me, scooping me up like I’d been gone for months. He’d always been weird like that, but I guess that was why I liked him.

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