Destinies Collide

In another lifetime they had been friends, but that was so very long ago… almost forgotten.

The two enemies now stared at each other, steely eyed, with iron expressions, as if to show any emotion would be to give away their position, to forfeit the battle. One had physically fought all his life out of a sense of justice, making it a personal fight. He’d made some mistakes, people had died… sacrificed for what he envisioned as the greater good.

The other, he also stood for justice, he had chosen the diplomatic route to achieve results. He saw himself as a protector, his counterpart stood before him now was almost a monster- using brawn to get the job done. He didn’t mind working with people who had a questionable code of ethics. He always condemned the killing when an innocent got in the way. He never sanctioned violence, but what could he do when partners went rogue?

Had it all been worth it, to come to this? Both of them knew that only one could leave alive. Someone had to make a move…

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