Jacob was watching as the scenery around him began to dissolve, melting away like ice from a window. Greens and whites began to fall away revealing strange shapes and colors. Walls shimmered into place to block the trees while white carpeted floors replaced the snow covered ground. Vaulted ceilings of glass re-drew the outline of the treetops. The small mound Jacob had been kneeling on remade itself into a white four poster bed being held aloft by two great pine trees nestled at its head.

“You are not crazy, but you have trespassed, and I would thank you to get your wet shoes off of my bed!â€? Jacob turned his head in stunned silence as his eyes moved in the direction of the voice. His weight shifted slightly at this, throwing his feet out from under him on the slippery satin sheets, tossing Jacob off the bed to come crashing down upon the back of his head. Jacob could have sworn before the darkness took him that he heard a girl scream.

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