Morning Sun

The rays of golden sunlight reached out over the horizon and touched Top Paw’s fur as he laid there on the walkway around the top of the abandoned control tower. Its warmth crept into his fur, making it all the more comfortable a place to sleep that morning.

Last night he’d gotten here just in time to let go and shift into a werewolf as he always did during the full moon. By the morning he’d returned to the canine form he was born to. It wasn’t the warm rays of the sun or the slight breeze that blew over him that really woke him, but rather the caress of a hand on his fur that jolted his thoughts to a more focused state.

The German Shepard-Wolf mix opened one eye to look up and see just who was petting him. A child looked down at him. Top Paw thought the child looked odd, his clothes were not quite right and he realized they were older, probably from 1972 not 2007. The realization made him close his eyes tightly and groan. Another lost child, another ghost who hadn’t found where he was supposed to go.

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