David adjusted his glasses and stared at the laptop screen. He poked the inspiration button and started to enter in keywords one after the other: space, spaceship, spacecraft, starship, shuttle.

The images that came up time and time again were not really, ...inspiring to him. “Spacestation, perhaps?” he thought, but that didn’t yield anything that prompted his muse. Leaning back in his chair, he sighed a deep, long sigh, tinged with disappointment.

He gazed out the window, across the land as the morning rays of sunlight slowly crept across the green grass. Little by little, the shadows retreated against the onslaught of light.

Dreaming of places, things and times that were not his own, David thought that writting these really short fictions would be fun. They were. He only need a little spark to give him enough words to fill the little box with text. It’s just that this morning, it wasn’t coming easily.

Without warning, the floodgates opened, and he typed a title: Emergency Stations!

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