Afraid to move despite the sharp pain in your ankle, you squeeze your eyes shut and pray that the fog you feared just moments before becomes your ally and shields you from them. You will the tears and the hitch in your breath to stop. The slightest sound will lead them right to you.

The snuffling sound of a predator searching for its prey echoes around you, making it impossible to tell which direction its coming from. The wild beating of your heart threatens to give you away.

You chant in your mind, “It’s just a dog. It’s just a dog. It’s not them. It’s not them.” over and over but the growls and grunts accompanying the snuffling don’t sound like any dog you’ve ever heard.

Slowly you take a deep breath and lift your head to open your eyes. Panic overwhelms you when you see the fog is lifting and the weak light of safety – and momma, is too far. Shakily you turn your head to look behind you and…

A shrill scream rents the air. Momma runs to the door and flings it open. Oh God! They DO come out at night.

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