No One Goes Out Alone

Shot’s rang out behind me one then two, the mutated creature’s backed away grumbbling, eye’s glaring.

I was shaking, my brother took my arm and pulled me up.

What do you think your doing comimg out here alone
Jake said pissed?

The baby needed, he cut me off.

I don’t care you should have waited on us to get back from hunting, Jake shouted, hoisting me over his shoulder.
We godda get you to the house and bandaged,
your losing a lot of blood.

Dad still got fever Sam asked?
Yeah…; “hey…I’m a little dizzy” ; “then all went black”.

Mamma get the first aid kit,
Jake shouted; as he lay Jim on the table.
Jim, she cried; “then froze for a second”.
Mom, Jake snapped.
“She ran to the back to get the kit”.

I’ll go check on dad… then I’ll go to the well Sam said.

“Jake stared at Jim’s leg”, “no…no one goes out alone” .

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