Jonathan awoke to a cool but soothing feeling. Noiselessly, he rolled over. The clammy feeling of being underwater was gone. Suddenly, he sat up. _ Am I not underwater? Where is Valtameri? What has become of Winnie?_ Jonathan bit his lip as he wondered about that last question.
“I be sorries, yer ‘ighness. Whens ya dasn’t wakes up, I’s brought ya upen here.” A hunched man was a barely understandable accent limped closer to him.
“How do you know who I am? I mean… thank you.” Jonathan furrowwed his brow. “I mean, I don’t truly know who I am.”
“Oh, thaten be not ov much importances. Yar beens out culd for threen day.”
“Three days?” Jonathan tried to stand, but found that his legs had become weak. “Would you at least tell me your name?”
“Me nome changen wit’ meen mood. Vrsta been meen nome fern ‘ow.”

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