Heartfelt Arguements

“Oh my god.. Theresa.. don’t scare me like that!” Shade exclaimed, refusing to let go of me.

“Well.. it.. wasn’t.. really.. would you let go of me?! You’re hurting me!” I said, wiggling and gasping for breath.

“Sorry.” he let me go. “Now tell me, why did you do that to me?”

“It wasn’t me! There’s somebody out there who captured me and put me in that closet!”

That got him enraged.

“What did he look like? What did he do to you?! When I find him I going to knock his face in until he’s hurt so much that h-”

“Dylan! Dylan! Calm down!” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. “Once we find him, we can find a way to make him pay with out the need of a lawsuit, alright?”

“Since when do you care about getting sued?”

“Since we moved here! We’re starting over, remember? All of that is supposed to be behind us!” I shoot right back.

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