Memories of my childhood, and realization of how much I’ve changed.

On the top of my computer, a “membership card” is still taped there, for I could never remember the name of my friend Lindsay’s troll. That used to be our lifeline whenever we were grounded from the phone. I’m tempted to go on again, but she probably hasn’t mailed me lately either, so I would seem foolish.

On the right side of my monitor, a “Get Hooked On Healthy Choices” ribbon is taped there. It was a reminder of how I could really change my own life if I set my mind to it.

On the floor lies my stuffed animal named Dojo – my first word. That dog held me through my child, and teenage, years, so when I moved out I decided to bring it with me.

And finally, on my wall I have posted The Boxcar Children program of when I went to see them. When I was seven, I had finished the series and my mother was so exstatic that she took me to go see them play. We really bonded that night.

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