Chains and Bloods

Brie’s sobs eventually quiet down, and I’m terrified. I’ve never seen her scared before. She has always been the optimist, as if nothing could be out of her control. But I guess this is.
“What’s going on?” I ask shyly, scared to know the truth
“We always thought Steve ran away because of gang trouble. He was a Blood, got in trouble with the Chains,” she whispers shakily.
I nod and swallow, not liking the tone in her voice.
“Well Tommy’s a Chain. Steve’s a Blood. Tommy found out. And Steve didn’t run away,” she chokes.
I knew their friendship had failed at some point, but I never knew it was so extreme. I immediately fear the worst and begin to feel light-headed. Tommy killed him! I try to speak but mouth has run dry.
“Tommy…” I manage to get out.
Brie stares at me in horror.
“Dead?” I gasp.
“Worse… they’re holding him hostage.”
My stomach drops as a cold overcomes me.
The Chains are known for their unbelievable torture…
“We have to get out! Now!” I yell.
Brie muffles my screams. I hear footsteps.

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