What if this is all there is? A black billboard with white writing, like a chessboard four stories above the ground. Many people ignored it for the three weeks it was up. In fact, it’d be safe to say that almost everyone ignored it. It was a simple question, though. What if this life, this experience, is all there is? No heaven, no hell, no afterlife, no consequences except those of an Earthly nature. For some people, though, it asked a question they had been asking themselves their whole lives. What if there was nothing more. Would that be so bad? Three weeks later, the next billboard came up. The only way you live after death is through the memories of others. This one, too, made sense to a very few. There was justification for not acting like a fool on Earth; the memories of others. Maybe death was an end, and not just a stage, as they’d been told their whole lives. Perhaps death was just a poetic event, a swan song, and an end to all things. Would that be so bad?

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