At Peace...?

She stood on the outcropping of rocks, a lone figure against a backdrop of gray sky. A wave of coastal fog drifted in, threatening to swallow her whole. Waves battered and pounded the rocks below but she had no fear of them. She had another purpose today.

She stared out at the unrelenting sea as wave after wave of tears streamed down her face. She came here to say her good-byes and yet something held her back. She clutched tightly at the box in her arms, not quite ready to let go. She took a deep breath and filled her body with a kind of hard resolve.

Opening up the box, she stared in a kind of morbid fascination at the ashes inside. Amazing to think that the contents of this small box had once been a vibrant human being. Her mind drifted back to the last time she’d seen him but the pain was still too fresh. With a quick movement, she released the ashes into the sea, sobbing as she did it.

“Goodbye…” she whispered.

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