So hot

This girl I was looking at right now, was so hot, I almost couldn’t stand it, I was starting to feel wet between my legs. And it wasn’t long before me and my girlfriend were in bed together.

She was eating me out, making me squirm around and moan, it felt so good, I loved it so much, but just as I was about to orgasm she stopped and reached in out bedside drawer for my vibrator, her fingers lightly playing with my clit. She finally quit touching me all together, making me watch her play with herself until she was orgasming and screaming my name, then she went back to work on me, shoving the vibrator into my wet pussy and turning it on high speed, moving it in and out in quick motions while she was playing with my clit, driving me crazy, stopping everytime I got close and starting over until finally letting me finish when I was moaning and screaming and begging for her not to stop that time. I couldn’t stand it anywmore and by time she was done with me, I was so sore I couldn’t handle anymore.

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