Oh What a Night

I met her while touring. She was hanging on the arm of some oily label executive looking bored and sipping champagne. She looked so out of place amongst the riff raff that makes up the usual backstage crew. Oily Exec spotted me and dragged her over to meet the band.

Oh he was typical, showing off for her, I’d seen it all before. I thought I detected a slight grimace in his face as he caught a whiff of sweat, beer and far too many cigarettes emanating from me. I would have done my best to sort of ‘fall’ into him, but this time, in front of her, I was wishing I’d had a chance to shower and change my clothes.

She shocked me though. She reached out, with both hands and clasped mine, not even the slightest bit bothered by their clamminess. She leaned in close to me and with a husky voice whispered, “A pleasure‚Ķ”. Sweet words. Her hair brushed against my cheek and it felt like silk. I inhaled the intoxicating scent of lavender when she stood oh so close to me and that was when I knew I was hers.

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