Hiding in the Sub-Levels

People don’t go to the sub-levels of the city any more. It’s simply too dangerous. The escaped Recoms lived there, or so the story goes. It’s probably just a wives tale, perpetuated by the authorities to keep curious teens out of there.

However, there was some truth to it. Unfortunately, Anthony was going to find that out the hard way. He slipped passed the opening the sewer grate and slinked into the shadows. Ignoring the smell, he remained still as the pipe and bat toting pursuers started to make their way by.

A couple paused and peered into the tunnel for a few long seconds, then turned and moved on. Anthony breathed again as he leaned against the wall.

If he went out there, they’d just find him again. He’ll have to lay low and try later. He started to inch his way further into the pipe, already up to his knees in sewage. “I’ve got to keep this data safe,” he whispered to himself.

He found a ledge in a small junction. Huddling there, he tried to rest. It was then he realized he wasn’t alone.

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