Just Us...

Eventually we were joined by my bandmates – God I what I wouldn’t give to go back change that moment. If only I had seen the look of pure carnal lust on Charlie’s face when he saw my Ana (for I had already come to think of her this way). If only I hadn’t been so blinded by her presence, I might have been able to see it coming. I hate that saying “hindsight is 20/20”, but I was too captivated by her. Charlie, Alex, Oily Exec, they became peripheral figures while I drank in her every curve, her every gesture. When she spoke to me her voice resonated throughout my body and set every nerve on fire.

As time went on and it became glaringly obvious to our friends that we would have no words for them this night, they drifted away and Ana and I became ensconced in one of those conversations you end up remembering your entire life. We left the venue together and went back to my hotel room. We never stopped talking as we made our way to the room, each of us spilling our pasts as if we’d known each other forever.

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