Ghost Chasing

“Because it’s isolated we wouldn’t need to worry about the looky-loos, Only a minimal crew is needed: 2 cameras, 1 sound tech and of course Jason and Emma.”

“Sounds like you’ve given this some thought Sam.” Berman said.

“Except for the part where it’s possibly the scariest place I’ve ever been to.” said Emma. “Look, do you think we’ve never looked into it? We’ve scouted it, researched it and know what we found? The place has the most gruesome history I’ve ever seen. I’m talking experimenting on the patients. Mengele-like stuff only these experiments make Mengele look like Doctor fucking Sunshine.”

“Emma don’t you think enough time has passed-”

“No. The place is too disturbing. I felt it when I went out to scout it. I never felt such an onslaught of psychic vibrations. There is something there and it doesn’t want trespassers. I already put my foot down about the place when it was brought up before. I’ll do it again. I’m not gong there.” Emma sat back in her chair and glared at Sam.

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