Mortal Coil... of Twine

There was a knock at the door. Janice skipped over and opened it. To her horror, there stood an apparition. A semi-transparent figure made of thick smoke; black and swirling, but always keeping the shape of a hideous and rotting corpse.

“I am DEATH . I have come to devour your SOUL and offer you nothing but endless torment and PAIN !”

Seized with mortal terror, Janice staggered back and looked downwards, casting her eyes away from the unbearable vision. “Oh, I beg of you plea… AW! Who’s that?!”

“I said, ‘I am DEATH . I have…’, oh. Her? Well, that’s Mookiekins. My pet kitten. The wife had to leave too, so I brought… wait. Look. Prepare your soul to be ripped… come ON. Laughing is not going to save you!”

“Ohhh, but look how cute she is. Little fluff ball! She’s chasing the end of your scythe around! Can I pet her?”

“Death here! Hello! Reaping, torment, eating of the soul…”, Death trailed off. His attempt to maintain the situation was failing. “Oh, whatever. Sure, pet away.”

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