A Melancholy Foundation

“But…can they…would….I,” he says as he thinks;He doesnt think it is the best idea, but it is the right choice, he thinks to himself. “You got yourself into it and now, YOU are going to get out of it,” she calmly but briskly whispered into his ear. And she thought to herself: how in the world could all this have happened, how could a young man like him have this happen?She herself had warned him, even through his teenage years. And she supposed, just like in her case, when she was a young girl, it was told as a bedtime story, told mearly to scare children, unexpectedly finding out it was the truth, but now, what if they caught him? What if they decided that he was only a piece to the puzzle. He would go mad, not only with dissapointment, but with disbelief. Nobody wanted it, but she thought, what could she do? There was a long unnecessary silence, that filled the air with just a little bit of melancholy,a bitter sweet feeling in the heart. “Why does it have to be like this, I have waited all my life…

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