Titular Fun

“Ugh!” Byte just managed to duck as another one flew over his head, barely missing him.

“Nearly got you that time,” Bit said, checking the two Nibbles who were hard at work trying to get some semblance of order into the place.

One of the Nibbles patiently picked up the artefact which had nearly brained Byte and put it in the truck with the rest of the pile.

“What the Hell are they anyway?” Bit scratched his head in annoyance. “Where are they coming from? Why?”

“Weird,” Byte agreed. Catching a few words on the latest item. “Body Disposal?”

He cast a worried look at Bit.

“That doesn’t sound good,” Bit admitted, rummaging in the pile. “Listen to this: ‘Outwitting an Assassin’, ‘My Ex-Husband’,”

“We gotta go to the cops, someone’s planning a hit!”

“No way,” Bit said. “It says here, know ‘Too Much’, you’ll get ‘Trapped Under a Bookcase’. I’m making a run for ‘Sweet Carolina’.”

“Good idea,” Byte said, his ‘Hope Rising.’ “Do you really think this is ‘The End’.”

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