I Can't Go In There

John stared up at the Silo. I can’t go in there. he thought, vehemently. I can’t!
He turned his back on it like a child angry at their best friend. He stormed away. A few minutes later John came back. He sat on the ground in front of the Silo and crossed his arms.
“Why can’t you just leave me alone!?” he screamed.

Of course, there was no answer.

The tears began to stream down his face.
“Why did you take my mother from me?” he whispered.

No answer.

John put his head in his hands and cried the tears that hadn’t come the first time. He looked up at the Silo again.

“I can’t go in there.” he said again, this time aloud.

But John knew as well as anyone else that he had to.

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