The Bluest Blue (XIII)

Davenport placed his large hand on Brian’s smaller one and looked him directly in the eye. His gray eyes serious now, almost stern.

-The time has come for you to recognize your true self. For 200 years, you have drifted out of one life into another, biding your time, hiding from these demons. But your soul could not keep running away forever. The time has come to face these demons, David.

Davenport took out his wallet and removed a photograph, placing it on the table.The picture was discolored with age and creased. In the middle stood Madeline, only she was taller and thinner, more willowy. Her face was the same achingly beautiful face, and though the picture was in sepia, the vividness of her blue eyes could almost be felt if not seen. To the right of her stood a younger version of Davenport, who looked like he was laughing at something Madeline had said. And on the left stood Brian, taller and lankier. He looked…happier.

Brian turned the picture over. On the back was scrawled the date: May 17, 1901.

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