The Tooth is Out

“Sleep well, son. I hope you enjoyed your fourth birthday. Oh, by the way, now that you’re four… bits of your body are going to start falling off and we’ll take pictures. Nighty-night.”

“But Daddy… what parts?”

“Oh, uh, teeth and thems such. Like I said, sleep well. Night now.”

“…k… one question? What if I need my teeth?”

“Yeah, well. Too bad, I guess. The Tooth Fairy needs them too. She sneaks in while you’re asleep and helpless. She takes your teeth. Don’t worry though. She’ll leave you a quarter.”

“Oh. Um, can you leave the light on tonight?”

“Ok. Just this once. Don’t forget to eat your brussel sprouts tomorrow, or we’ll have to have a little talk about the Eyeball Elf.”

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