The Decision

As thoughts hurried through his mind, tears stained his rosy cheeks. John has never been in a situation like this before, with such a decision to make. Again, images of his home flooded his delusional eyes.

Looking down, he could see the distance, the distance between him and his past. His past, that was beckoning him to return, comeback and make a present.

Someday maybe even a future.

But right now, John was in a daze. As he lifted his tired foot one last time, he suddenly let go of the rungs. His body falling into the deep vastness of forever.

One month later his body was found, lying on the dusty, dirt floor; motionless. The finder of this body, his mother.

The only thing that formed a line between life an death was when his eyes opened, and you could again see the deep pool of blue that they contained.

The first thing he saw when he looked up:
his mother’s own eyes staring right back at him.

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