Stupid TV.

“Hmm?” he asks, engolfed in his show.

“I said.. oh never mind.”

“Mm. I agree.”

I roll my eyes – not seconds ago he was interested in what I was saying, but then he turns on the TV and he’s lost interest. Now, I haven’t watched a television in a while, but what could be that interesting?

I walk over and lie down next to him, watching my first show for five years – The Tonight Show. After a few minutes, and quite a few laughs, I yawn and realize the time – 10:30. Slowly, I stand up and turn the light off, hopping into bed.

“Turn the TV down – I’m going to sleep.” I say, snuggling into the blankets.

“Mmkay.” he mumbles, turning it down to the point where Jay Leno was only a faint whisper.

Due to the noise, it took me an hour to fall asleep, but I drift off eventually.

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