Meanwhile, At an Undisclosed Location… (Pt. 1)

“Agent White is dead,â€? Winters pronounced to Agent West as they walked, their footsteps echoing in the sterile hallway.

“Impossible. The tattooed detective get him?â€?

“No,â€? Winters replied with a wry smile. “It was the magician, actually.â€?

“Please. White was trained, and that kid is barely out of diapers. How?â€?

Winters snorted. “Summoned a kug, of all things.â€?

West stopped, his eyes goggling, his mouth opening and closing like a dying fish. Winters waited patiently as West regained the ability to speak. “That…I mean, the kid isn’t even ranked! How the hell did he learn…that can’t happen.â€?

“Oh, it happened. I was there. Astrally, of course. And then, get this: the boy appeared from the future to watch and admire his handiwork.â€?

West whistled. “Cold-blooded. Maybe it’s true what they’ve been saying. Maybe he has returned. The kid’s first name is Simon, after all.â€?

Winters scoffed. “That would be very convenient. Besides, I don’t believe in reincarnation.â€?

It was West’s turn to scoff. “You what?â€?

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