In My Dreams{Maybe_Miseryx's challenge}

It’s pretty hard to understand or find the meaning to. But, everyone alive has one, whether it’s lame or not. And that includes me. But this is my dream life, because we already have one real life, why not create your own? Make one so perfect. . .

My name is Macy(I wish), and I’m 19(again, I wish). I have three brothers: Pete Wentz, Gerard Way, and Martin whatever-his-last-name-is(the one from boys like girls), a girl can dream, can’t she? I (like Cinderella) have a fairy godmother, although, I have no curfew. Oh, and I’ll trade those awful glass slippers for some trendy, so-not-my-style ballet flats(I would rather wear converse, but I mean, a ball?).
Okay, so I’m dancing with my Prince Charming(Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl). I totally know I’ve won his heart. Then I realize that this”Prince Charming” is as boring as heck! So I ditch him, and that’s when I meet “Prince Charming” aka Ryan Sheckler. And, well, you know what happens from there. . .
. . . and we all lived happily ever after!

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