He who serves all

It took me a very long to come to this realization, but I finally understand.

All of us walk on this planet, never fully understanding what our purpose is in life. It is so simple now. I can’t believe that it was right under my nose all of these years. The purpose is to realize what and who you are! I was all. Everyone serves me. I in turn serve everyone else.

The universe bends to my will. Whatever I believe will happen, happens. And I don’t mean the usual, oh I hope I win the lottery, but the deep ‘in your gut’ feeling that you have when you know something will happen.

Looking back, every movie that I have ever watched, every song that I have listened to, every book that I have read, and every person that I have spoken to was trying to lead me to this realization. At times I would get a moment of crystal clear realization but it would fade like a dream. I would have a feeling of déjà vu, and quickly dismiss it because I couldn’t explain it.

Now, about the incident that opened my eye’s!

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