Something Bad

So I was a little confused. Do you blame me? No, I bet you don’t.

After getting some clothes on, Mike and I talked. I tried to understand why I couldn’t remember how I had ended up here. Something in the back of my head was telling me that him getting me here wasn’t pretty. I still couldn’t remember my own name. Yet I could rememeber Mike’s….

OUCH . What the. There had just been a horrid pain that started on my head and ran like lightning into my chest, to my stomach, then right threw my legs down to my toes.

Obviously that wasn’t normal. I just tried not to think of it for the moment. Maybe if I tried hard enough, I would be able to concentrate on Mike and understand what was going on.

Mike was lying. You could tell he was making up everything as he went. He was mumbling something about me gracefully coming with him and all this other stuff that made no sense.

Something bad had gone down. That is the only reason I’m here.

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