They used to be best friends. What happened? She had always been nice. She never told his secrets. He trusted her, sometimes more then the people she had known forever. This was scary, yet wonderful, at the same time.

So she secretly loved him. That wasn’t her fault, was it? He was just so perfect. That is until he trusted her with the one thing she didn’t want to know…

YOU LIKE WHO ?!?! She felt like dying. Of all the people. It just had to be her. Her best friend of all people. It just had to be.

After trying to be happy because he had told her this. She couldn’t pretend anymore. She signed off-line. She sat in her room secretly hoping that by some maricle he would call her and tell her he was joking.

She was always unlucky in this department. Which is how the not being friends anymore chapter started in her life.

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